Welcome to For Pucks Sake, the Blog

when I put up a tumblr post looking for girls to join me in an unnamed hockey podcast, i never thought I would get the reaction i did. 60 girls turned in applications to be a part of something i thought of while avoiding doing home work. It grew into this amazing platform where we get to talk about hockey and the culture of hockey on a weekly basis and talk to our listeners on twitter and other social media platforms.

The problem is, that there are lots of people who work behind the scenes of our amazing podcast, that the listeners don’t get to hear from, and with such we have decided to launch For Pucks Sake, the blog. All of our contributors will be posting at least once a week about on goings in the hockey world for ya’ll, the internet, to consume.

We hope to launch discussion, give voice to concerns and ideas and facilitate a new kind of hockey consuming culture based on a love of the game, and the desire to learn more from each other.

With that, welcome to For Pucks Sake, the blog

Gabby and the rest of the For Pucks Sake Gang