ummmm so Ovi and I need to fight now

Does Ovi not know who Eric Lindros is? Or does he just not pay attention to anyone besides Nicklas Backstrom on the ice? Because those are the only two acceptable reasons for why the above comparison should ever be made. 

“Top Line Tom” Wilson (24)  is a dirty player, who head hunts, lays predatory hits, and has benefitted from the talent on his line, rather than being able to carry a line of his own, much less a team. With career highs last season of 14 goals and 21 assists for 35 points in 78 games, while playing on a line with the best goal scorer of our generation, Tom Wilson doesn’t even qualify to hold Eric Lindros’ jock strap. 

Lindros is a Hall of Famer. The former Flyer, in his age 24 season, put up 30 goals and 41 assists for 71 points in only 63 games. While also on a legendary line (The Legion of Doom),  much like Wilson, Lindros was the driving force of the line, rather than along for the ride. 

Look, Wilson can say he doesn’t want the reputation of a dirty player. And his teammates can defend him all they want. But to make the WRONG comparison of Wilson to Lindros is straight up insulting. To Lindros, AND anyone who knows hockey. If you want to call Wilson a power forward, fine, and yes, Lindros was the original power forward. But the two have completely different games and skill levels. 

Most of all, this comparison is disrespectful to the legacy that Eric Lindros has created post NHL. Lindros’s career was ended early due to players LIKE Wilson. Lindros suffered too many concussions at the hands of head hunters, who didn’t care what happened to their opponent that he could only play half a season starting at age 30, and had to retire at age 33. Long before most players of his caliber even think of hanging up the skates. Lindros has done so much work after his hockey days were over to reduce concussions in peewee hockey, and raise money for concussion research in the sport. 

For Ovechkin to make this comparison is not just wrong, its ignorant. And its not going to be forgotten by the Philly Phaithful, just you wait. 


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