An Ode to Roadkill

For most of us still following Dylan Strome, if you have managed to maintain realistic expectations of his career, knew that a trade was inevitable in this poor, under performing raccoon’s future. A trade to the Hawks, however, is something of a nightmare for any hockey fan with a trace of morality in their bones.

(Obviously, this is karma for every time I told someone I wanted the middle Strome traded to a Central Division team because I thought it would suit his playing style better.)

So far this year, the middle Strome has put up 6 points in 19 games, a paltry number until you remember that the Coyotes went several games without scoring a single goal (the first goal of the season went to- you guessed it! This hockey gremlin!). He did slightly better the 21 games he played in the show last season (9 points), and had a very good stat like with the Tuscon Roadrunners (53 points in 50 games). So what does this translate into?

An average NHL player at best, at least with the Yotes.

Me, being an optimist and him, being the average white boy of my choosing, I’m hoping for the best of a bad situation. Maybe putting him in a different system will help him develop into the player that scouts hoped he would be when he was drafted 3rd overall in one of the most stacked drafts of the modern era.

Maybe being traded will kick him hard enough in the ass that he’ll jumpstart his career and start producing like crazy.

Maybe reuniting him with juniors linemate Alex Debrincat (now commonly referred to as Kitty by Sir Toes, himself) will bring back a little bit of that magic he had that helped him beat out Mitch ‘Assist Machine’ Marner for the OHL scoring title in 2015. 

Or maybe he’ll continue to be an average white boy on a below average team, just this time in racist colors instead of maroon. 

Sammie Snyder

Founder, Writer, and Editor of the Chick Trick Podcast

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