Tom Wilson Surprises Absolutely No One

Well, Tom Wilson did exactly what we thought he would, and sent another player out of the game against the New Jersey Devils this past Friday night, resulting in Tom’s ejection from the game. Brett Seney, the player who received the hit in question, seemed to clutch his head as he went down, but returned to play the last few minutes of the game.

Watching a slowed down version of the hit, it is apparent that it is in fact a shoulder-to-shoulder hit, but Seney had his back to Wilson when the hit was landed, and given Wilson’s… habits, the in-game call seems just.

It might be best for everyone involved if Wilson laid off the hard hits for a while, seeing as he just came off a (reduced) suspension. Obviously, he’s going to be watched carefully for a while because he’s built up THAT reputation. He broke a guys jaw during the playoffs for crying out loud! Intent doesn’t matter, if you’re a big dude (like Tom Wilson is) and you know that (as Tom Wilson should), you need to be aware of the damage that you can do, especially to someone who isn’t expecting it.

Allowing him to continue to act like this, whether it be because it’s entertaining for you, or you hate the other team, or whatever the reason, does no one any favors, and sets a, quite frankly, shit example for younger and junior level players. Making questionable “plays” like that, doesn’t help excuse him of the “dirty” label. It’s a disservice to all the veteran NHL players who continue to fight the league for improved health regulations.

Maybe he’ll learn his lesson eventually, maybe not. But I believe Buffalo’s Kyle Okposo sums up the situation pretty well here:



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