It’s not TECHNICALLY illegal, but it IS a dick move.

So Tom Wilson got Tom Wilson-ed tonight, and while I don’t condone dirty hits, its really hard to feel bad for a guy that gets paid $5.2 million a year to make those exact hits. 

Look, I am a known Tom Wilson hater, and fan of Ryan Reaves. Because although what they do is being phased out of the game, and should be penalized more harshly, I value the fact that Reaves knows there is an honor amongst thieves, so to speak. So when Ryan sees someone who a) disrespects that unspoken code, and b) feigns ignorance about his wrong doings, he knows he has to step in.

And lets be real, Reaves now lives rent free in Tom Wilson’s head, and thats good because the prices in DC are ridiculous. 

Its never good to see a player get hurt, and I don’t want to see Wilson injured. He’s a person and i’m sure a nice one, and if he ever removed his head from his ass i’m sure he’d be a swell hockey player as well. But for now, i’m gonna kinda enjoy Ryan Reaves showing him how an enforcer should play the game.


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