Reid Duke;Duke Reid

Everyone’s favorite expansion team, and I say that fully expecting to be yelled at, experienced their first year of the NHL last season. The Vegas Golden Knights ran the kind of inaugural season that movies are inspired by, but what ever happened to the first golden knight?

Reid Duke (Duke Reid? Schrodinger’s knight!) was signed to the team on March 6th, of 2017. It was a three year deal and hockey fans had tons of fun cracking jokes about the lone knight with such a regal last name. At the time the expansion draft was still looming over every team’s head, so really, what else did fans have to do other than laugh our anxiety away?

And who could blame us? As Soon as the team’s twitter was a ‘Go’ it was rapid firing jokes and burns faster than we could keep up with.

In fact, one of the most memorable jokes was cracked by the infamous twitter itself;

Despite all this fun, Duke seemed to fade into obscurity. In actuality though, his time with the WHL had ended and he signed into the AHL. Until Now Duke has been playing with the Chicago Wolves, but after a long wait The Knights have finally recalled him!

Welcome back Sir Duke!

At least now you have plenty of friends to play with!


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