The Blues Aren’t This Bad

The Blues aren’t a team I claim any special love for. I will, however, claim this: the Blues aren’t this Bad.

I didn’t intend to end up watching their game against Vancouver yesterday (Dec 10th), but after I turned it on I just… couldn’t seem to look away. If you saw the score, you might think it was like watching a train wreck – but you know what? It really wasn’t.

Train wrecks have drama. They inspire real feelings of horror, dismay. Honestly, the most I felt during that game was confusion.

The most I felt was confusion… kind of like Allen must have felt here.

During the off season, most everyone agreed: on paper, the Blues only seemed to get better. Yet they started the season with a losing record, going 7-9-3 before firing their head coach. Since then, the blues have had a bit of a roller-coaster ride, beating Nashville 6-2 before losing to Winnipeg 8-4 the very next night.

Yesterday’s game was one of the sloppier (sloppi-est?) I’ve watched all season, and I’m not even limiting that to the Blues side of things. The Canucks were turning over pucks like crazy in the second, and there were several minutes where if I hadn’t know better I would have thought the Blues were on a power play, they were so dominant. Yeah, the ‘Nucks were playing well (or at least 2 of them were. See: Brock Boeser’s hat trick and Pettersson’s 5-point night). And sure, the Blues have some injuries but… *sigh* I just don’t get it.

Or at least, I didn’t. Until the cameras panned to the St Louis bench after Vancouver’s 4th goal of the night; I’ve never seen a bench so dead and quiet. It made me realize just how quiet the whole game had been, both on the ice and in the stands. I knew then (despite the evidence from the Columbus-Calgary game last week where the Flames won 9-6 after being down 4-1 in the second), that there was no possible way the Blues would come back; they’d already given up. 

The only bright spot for St Louis, as you might guess, was the Blues’ only goal of the night. It belonged to Jordon Kyrou, and was his first NHL goal. (Is it just me, or is that the saddest first-goal celly you’ve ever seen? Poor kid.) 

“Well, that’s a positive.”

Somebody needs to wake them up, and if their coach getting fired isn’t going to do it, I don’t know what will. All I can say is, if you’re a Blues fan: get to the game. Make some freaking noise. Show your boys what the home ice advantage is supposed to look like… and tell them nap time is over. 

Calley M