You Can’t Do That

Oh Zachary. My dear, dear Zachary. YOU CAN’T FUCKING DO THAT! 

Zach Hyman (TOR) laid a late hit on Charlie McAvoy (BOS) on Saturday night (I know this is super late, but its Finals week, give me a break). While not super terrible when looked at through the scope of some of the big hits these past few weeks, the decision to suspend Hyman is no surprise. It comes down to one thing. You can’t do that. 

McAvoy has given up possession, there is a clear path around him, and Hyman goes out of his way to check the 20 year old defenseman, who recently came back from the IR with a concussion. The hit is not on the head, Hyman doesn’t leave his feet, or send McAvoy flying, but there are rules (sometimes) in hockey, and a late hit is against them.

So two games makes sense when looking at just this hit. It does not make sense when we’ve all been watching the Ryan Reeves hit on repeat for a week…. but what are you gonna do? Ryan Reeves (a white hat, old hockey enforcer ) laid his hit on Tom Wilson (a questionable character in today’s NHL) , and Zach Hyman (a ‘no name’ grinder) laid his hit on Charlie McAvoy (a soon to be household name, and the future of a franchise in a large hockey market). 

The chips fell where they did on this one, and you can’t really complain. The only thing you can ask is that if this is a hit that gets you suspended for 2 games, that all hits like this one, or more dangerous, continue to get suspensions of 2 games or more.