@Chuck, did you see this?

Vladimir Tarasenko is officially available, and Chuck, the Flyers should go get him. I mean, every GM should be trying to get the career 0.82 PPG winger, with one of the most prolific shots in the league. But the Flyers should try extra hard, and here is why.

Claude Giroux. 

Just, just think about this for a second. Giroux averages about 0.66 assists per game, and that is centering goal scorers not as talented as Vladdy. (Philly collects assist machines and i just don’t get it). With Giroux moved back to center, his wings are now Travis Konecny and James Van Reimsdyk. A fairly talented line, but there are some flaws. The main one being the liability that is JVR. 

JVR does best in a sheltered role (as seen by his career high 36 goals in Toronto last year as a PP specialist). This isn’t a knock on him as a player, but it does make the decision to play him on a first line that averages 20 minutes a night, a bit questionable.

The addition of Vladimir Tarasenko would create a first line of Claude Giroux (a defensively responsible, assist machine), Travis Konecny (a headache winger that creates time and space) and Vladimir Tarasenko (a sniper with the best shot in the league per any one that has played with or against him). 

Short of mortgaging our future, I think that Chuck Fletcher should give Doug Armstrong anything he wants. My ideal trade would be Voracek and Hagg to the Blues for Tarasenko and a 1st or 2nd. But this is the NHL and deals rarely go the way the fans plan. But beyond a few pieces, i’d be willing to give up anything for Vladdy, and I think he would excel here with Claude in a way that that neither of them have been able to thrive before. 


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