Dallas’ Scapegoat

Droughts can make or break a player.

Hockey fans are all too familiar with seeing the frustrated-and then crestfallen-defeat playing across their favorite guy’s face night after night. It’s a well known fact that scoring alone does not make a man a fantastic playmaker or captain.

But what happens to a team when their top two scorers enter a slump at the same time and their third is injured?

The CEO and the team’s owner lose their damn minds, is what happens.

In true Icarus fashion, Gaglardi and Lites have hit the ground with their heads up their asses.

“He’s [Star’s Owner, Tom Gaglardi] pissed,” Lites said on Friday afternoon. “And you know what it’s about.”

“They are fucking horse-shit, I don’t know how else to put it,” Lites said. “The team was ok. But (Tyler) Seguin and (Jamie) Benn were terrible.”

Gentlemen, Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin entering a slump is truly the pits. As a fan, trust me, I understand this.

Expecting the two guys who have notoriously led and carried this team up until now to never slip up is childish at best.  Every high must have a low, and this one has just been served with impeccable timing.

To put your top players on public blast and to cite their contracts as making them “comfortable” is downright malicious.

Public eyes and expectations are already on these two. Pull some tape and watch Seguin’s face every time he hits the post. Watch it and tell me that’s the face of a man who’s “comfortable.”

Remember that he could have gone to a different team but took a pay cut to stay here.

There is no denying that Tyler Seguin has some seriously bad juju clinging on him. He’s on pace for 20-ish goals rather than his normal 40-ish.  In Lite’s comments he said that while Seguin may be hitting the posts, it means nothing to him.


Above is a table depicting some of Seguin’s Stats spanning back to the 13-14 season. As you can see, until this season he’s generally been know to rack up points like crazy. It’s understandable to be baffled by the sudden drop, and if Lites and Gaglardi really paid attention to the Star’s fanbase and “bloggers” they’d know that we’re feeling whiplashed too.

“Seguin has hit more posts and crossbars combined than any other player in the NHL, but that’s not an acceptable excuse” – Lites

Mr.Lites you know whats really unacceptable? Out of the entire League the Stars rely on it’s top scorers the most. Other teams can survive a top player’s slump, but the Stars seem fairly fucked. I say fairly, because the rest of the team is finally busting ass looking for results. 

Seguin is cranking out opportunity left and right but it’s not simply a matter of “getting where he needs to be” because he’s already there.  Shot after shot and it’s still not enough.

Lites brought up the fact that they’ve placed a new coach, what more can they do, because they surely cant replace management.  Hitchcock, who coached Dallas last season, is a very star-player driven coach and it shows. He left the team to retire and now coaches the Edmonton Oilers instead. Monty – Jim Montgomery – is a coach that pressures the entire team to attack in a different way. Some players are clicking and obviously others aren’t.

If you take the time to watch Benn and Seguin they’re kicking themselves trying to give what everyone’s wanting. They rush around to be where they need to but with little results. Benn still scores on occasion and Seguin is doing his best to get in some assist. The point is, they are still generating results, even if they’re not as flashy as the Dallas Stars management and ownership would like. The way Lites just blasted them to the public you’d think that they were skating in circles and doing the hockey equivalent of picking daisies in the outfield. Fuck off.

Lites wants to bitch about Bloggers talking about other player’s successes and woes but what about last season when we were 2-3 points from a wildcard slot and within three games Jamie Benn scored two hattricks at the tail end of the regular season and it still wasn’t enough. For years that man has busted his fucking ass and it’s never been enough.

Remember when he broke a few sticks because he was oh so “comfortable” with himself and the Stars. Remember when news outlets and fans cracked jokes about him  because of it.

Remember when he was still an unsure kid being placed into a captaincy he probably wasn’t ready for but despite that showed up and showed out.

Players. Have. Slumps. Even the likes of Sidney Crosby is notorious for having an occasional slump. That fact that it took these two this long to hit this rut is frankly a miracle. At least this season we have some defense and young guns who try to hit the net.

Look at Jamie’s stats over the past 6 seasons.


As you can see, Benn’s numbers have dropped as well, and yes, it’s still just as scary to look at. But the thing about calculating pace is that it’s bound to change.  Within the next week, we could see a complete turn around, who knows, none of us can tell the future. 

What I do know, is dragging in the media and calling your top two “horse shit” is beyond a low thing to do. Are you trying to get them to score or are you trying to get them to clam up. With as on-edge as the two already are, it feels like Lites is aiming for the latter.

Frankly, This has been a display of poor leadership.

Every game I sit wrapped in my stars blankie, holding my dog lovingly named “jamie-james-jameson” and listening to my prima donna cat dubbed “sir-Tyler” chase things around the house. Every game I cheer for the team and like everyone else I feel the harsh bite of disappointment. But that’s not going to stop me from showing up at the AAC tomorrow evening sporting my favorite stars jersey and showing off hand-made signs during warmups. 

Why? Why that level of dedication? Why an entire blog post just to tell Lites to go fuck himself?  Because I know that when this is over, Jamie and Tyler will be back with a vengeance and will end up carrying the Stars, again, without thanks.

I’ll be honest, hiring our third coach in three years, I entered this season knowing we would not make playoffs. the Central division is a beast that’s tough to hold your own against. Last season when it became clear the team wasn’t going to make it, I cried. This season though I actually feel hopeful because rather than harp on something that naturally happens to every big player, I can understand that with this new coach the team is growing in ways I could only wish for four years ago.

Remember where you’ve come from, and keep eyes on where you’re going.

Mr.Lites, I’ll be wearing a Seguin jersey tomorrow if you’d like to drop gloves, because you obviously welcome the media to talk shit.


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