Toronto Barzal Leafs

Toronto got shut out by the Islanders last night, 4-0. In Toronto. Valtteri Filppula got the first goal of the night. Then Mat Barzal, the owner of the NY Islanders, had a hat trick. Wait, it gets better than that, a natural hat trick.

Now I think all of us (the Leaf fans that is) got a teeny bit mad at the team, because it’s not like both teams played hard against each other, oh no, THE LEAFS PLAYED LIKE ABSOLUTE GARBAGE!

They sucked at getting the puck out of their own zone, their defense basically just didn’t show up at all, they couldn’t get pucks into the net at all (clearly). They just weren’t the Leafs we have gotten used to in the past few games.   

Even though that game sucked, I don’t think us Leaf fans have anything to be worried about. It was the second night of back-to-back games coming off of a 3 day break. They just had a 5 game win streak. You win some you lose some, right? No one can win everything all the time.

Plus, they’re still 2nd in the Atlantic and the Islanders are still…I’m actually not sure where they are…4th in the Metro?

Now lastly, after the game last night I got some notifications with some fun facts:

1) Barzal’s hat trick last night was the first against the Leafs since 1986.

2) This was the first time the Islanders shut out the Leafs during an away game ever. Just incase the loss didn’t hurt enough already.

Thank you


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