Hot Mic: What Flyer’s Announcers Really Think

It’s no secret that the Flyers have been playing terrible hockey as of late, the proof being in their eight game losing streak. Fans were hopeful that after the firing of coach Dave Hakstol, things would start to turn around, but they really haven’t.

And it’s not just the fans noticing or being frustrated – announcers and ex-Flyers, Keith Jones and Jim Jackson, had their own version of the Senators’ Uber situation after Monday’s shutout loss to the St. Louis Blues. The cameras were still rolling and they were not off-air when JJ and Keith Jones started spilling some tea…

Jim Jackson and Keith Jones rip into the Flyers that have lost 8 straight games.

Now, as a Flyers fan, I don’t think either were in the wrong for any of things I heard them saying. They both very clearly love this team and are just as frustrated as any other fan is and want to see changes made.

They want Weise gone, which has long been a wish of mine, as he’s been more of a liability than anything else. They believe that Voracek has got to go and that Aubé-Kubel needs to be called up. Which again, I am in agreement with. They, just like all fans, want Fletcher to do something. We already went through the 10-game losing streak last year, but this streak just seems to be more painful.

Not much can be heard in the video, since the music in the WFC is loud as hell, but I really hope that neither of them have to apologize. They have no need to be sorry for anything that they said because they’re just saying what everyone already knows, and it isn’t like they were saying anything that was wrong or would hurt the team or their image. They are just as fed up with the team’s performance as everyone else is, calling Monday’s loss “as bad as it gets” and “brutal”. Maybe their comments about the team will help persuade Fletcher to make some kind of move.

Header from NBC Sports Philadelphia


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