FPS’ Declassified Trade Deadline Survival Guide

Step 1. Mourn

This is the easy part, because it involves the most visceral and instinctive reactions of the average sports fan. It is perfectly fine to yell at the NHL app or shed a tear or two or more. Even if your team traded away someone who wasn’t contributing enough to your team, they were your special disaster, and that meant something without a doubt. Go like his teammates’ Instagram tributes. Play a YouTube compilation of all of their goals and funny moments, it’s what they would have wanted.

Step 2. Reflect

You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone, because that’s when you realize what the return is. You’ll have a new boy on the ice soon enough, so if you have the heart to do so, read an article or two and see what you could be working with. Also, if you were the victim of a false trade rumor during trade time, maybe take this time to find some new hockey accounts and insiders to have on your timeline. We recommend one with a blue check mark and hot yet reasonable takes.

Step 3. Accept

It’s better to rip the band-aid off and move on, because there’s a playoff push or a tank and rebuild in your very near future! Now is the time to a) abandon your old boy because he’s on a team you hate or just isn’t worth the emotional distress, b) keep tabs on him and only him, or c) bandwagon the new team entirely and enter a whole new world of pain. The choice is yours. As for the new player, seeing new colors on him may be odd at first, but once he helps your team win, he’s a keeper…for now.

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