The 5 Biggest Losers at the Trade Deadline

Every trade deadline has its winners and its losers, and the 2019 deadline has been no different. So here it is, my breakdown of the 5 biggest losers from the 2019 trade deadline.

5. The Dallas Stars

The Dallas Stars sent anywhere from a 3rd and a 2nd to two 1st for Mats Zuccarello, Saturday. After drama, in-fighting and a sudden resurgence back into the fold, the Dallas Stars were believing in themselves with the acquisition.

Unfortunately, it seems like they are giving it away for nothing as 40 minutes into the game, after a 2 point debut, Zucc left the game with a broken arm that needed surgery (underwent Tuesday morning) and will DEFINITELY require 4-6 weeks of injury reserve.

That timeline puts Zuccarello out until the playoffs, if the Dallas Stars even make it there. And as Zucc is a pending UFA, it looks like the Stars gave up those picks for nothing. Well, not nothing, they did also get Ben Lovejoy, who has 7 points this year and 26 giveaways. 2 in his Dallas debut on Sunday alone.

I gotta say, for Jim Nill and his front office, this trade deadline was fucking horse shit.

4. Henrik Lundqvist


Henrik Lunqdvist has lost all of his friends due to the Rangers incompetency to win anything in the past five years, and the wasting of their window. Now Henrik has no cup, no friends, and still 2 more years before retirement.

He’s an old man, he’s tired, and now its just him surrounded by millennials. (The average age of the New York Rangers is ~25, and Hank is 36.) So you can understand why he would be reasonably upset about the loss of his best friend on the team.

Hank lost yesterday, today, and probably will lose a lot more over his last two years in the NHL. Its a shame that the King’s career is going to end this way.

3. The Pittsburgh Penguins

The Pittsburgh Penguins have now lost Brian Dumoulin and Kris Letang to injury. And in response, Jim Rutherford added…. Chris Wideman and Eric Gudbranson? That has to be a mistake, Theres no way a Trusted Hockey Man would ever do something this god damn stupid! This makes a defense of Wideman, Gudbranson, Jack Johnson, Justin Schultz, and a pair of rookies with Corsi’s below 50%. (this is bad) for the Pens moving forward.

so not only did the Penguins lose the outdoor game and the trade deadline, but their probably going to be losing a lot of games moving forward, and more than likely lose their playoff spot as well.

and (look away pens fans) Eric Gudbranson has two more years left on his deal, which means that this defense isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. If I’m Kris Letang, I’m gonna start working on my core strength, because thats a lot of dead weight to put on your back. 

you hate to see it.

2. Jarmo Kekäläinen

Jarmo Kekäläinen may have gotten everyone he wanted at the trade deadline, but lets make one thing perfectly clear, the second that the Blue Jackets get bounced in the first round, Jarmo WILL lose his job before the team is even off of the ice.

Its a ballsy move from Jarmo. Putting all of his eggs in this basket. But, just being honest, the writing was on the wall. Kekäläinen had two options on Monday; make sure that he got the best package possible for pending free agents Artemi Panarin and Sergei Bobvrosky, which is difficult to do at the trade deadline since teams tend to wait each other out and create panic, or get every possible piece available to make a run for the cup this year.

Jarmo said YOLO and now here we are. Its Stanley Cup or bust, and with only a 3rd and a 7th remaining, and very few prospects left in the pool, the future doesn’t look very bright for Jarmo.

1. Me


sure, Ryan Hartman is fighty, and handsome, and Wayne can come back. But my dad is gone! He’s the heart and soul of the Flyers and the next month without him is going to be so weird.

All I feel is pain.

It doesn’t help that the NHL feels like shoving Wayne’s new team down Philly fans’ throats. And the sad look on his face during warmups Tuesday night as he skated around looking for Jake Voracek? I can’t handle this emotionally.

And after that 5-2 trouncing of the Buffalo Sabres by the Flyers on Tuesday, I can’t help but think, it would be the most Flyers thing ever to give Wayne Simmonds up, condemn ourselves to tanking, and then somehow make a playoff run without him.

I crave death.

Header from Colin Bradbury


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