Alix is a college student majoring in Communications. Despite being from Upstate New York, she is a southern belle at heart – which may or may not explain the accent. As a former figure skater with a secret admiration for violence, it’s no wonder hockey is her favorite sport.  


Annie is a 5’2″ Chemistry major who truly believes she could survive a fight with an NHLer. While she’s a die hard LA Kings (and Toronto Maple Leafs and Washington Capitals) fan, she tragically lives closest to the Anaheim Ducks. When she isn’t crying over hockey (and hockey players), she’s likely still crying over baseball or football.

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Becky is a high school student from Ottawa, Ontario  whose favorite teams – besides her hometown Sens – are the Philadelphia Flyers and New York Islanders. She’s a half Chinese, half Caucasian world traveler who likes to say with a laugh that she’s “not completely ignorant” and she’s quick to make the others laugh with her clever commentary.

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Calley has been raving over the Stars since before she can remember. She learned the word ‘larceny’ 
at age 6, courtesy of Daryll ‘Razor’ Reaugh, and remembers her dad recording the cup win on VHS. Somewhere along the way she adopted the Columbus Blue Jackets, and will cheer for just about any team with a Texas native, former Dallas Star, or underdog status. 

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West of Philadelphia, born and raised, Gabby became a Flyers fan before she new how to skate (not just because at age 22 she still can’t). Studying to become a veterinarian, Gabby decided she needed somewhere to expel her hockey thoughts to make more room in her brain for equine anatomy lessons, and the For Pucks Sake Podcast was born. Along with the Flyers, Gabby has been known to cheer for the Toronto Maple Leafs, Dallas Stars, and Coloton Parayko’s face.

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Despite being born in Philly, raised in Connecticut, and studying Government and Archives in the heart of Bruins country, Iris has an inexplicable love for the Colorado Avalanche. When not buying hats with hockey team logos, she spends her semesters living abroad and/or dying of exhaustion as a three-season college athlete. 

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Kelsey is studying Biology, Accounting, and Creative Writing. She lives in New York and her favorite team is (your 2018 Stanley Cup Champions) the Washington Capitals, followed closelyby whatever team Jaromir Jagr is on – so, presently, HC Klando. You can usually find her wandering around New York asking the hockey gods why Nicklas Backstrom has never been a finalist for the Selke.

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Liz is a college student majoring in English and Media Studies. Born and raised in the D.C. area, she’s a die-hard Capitals fan who also follows the St Louis Blues. When not writing all her problems away, she can be found yelling about baseball and the Nationals, reading or watching something nerdy, or planning her tour of the NHL rinks.

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Maddy is a pharmacy student at Temple University. Though she grew up in Delaware, she was only 30 minutes from the Farg where her beloved Flyers play, and is a zealous fan of all Philly sports teams. (Did you know the Eagles won the Superbowl??)

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Mara is a high school student from Minnesota (if this were the Mighty Ducks, she’d be on the Hawks and fully embraces the term “cake eater”). She’s a Toronto Maple Leafs fan who, out of guilt & love for her home state, also cheers for the Wild. Her life revolves around sports, math, and knitting. When not complaining about the Leaf’s defense, she’s most likely complaining about pain in various body parts.

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Mary is currently studying Criminal Justice and Psychology. She was raised on hockey – specifically, the Philadelphia Flyers – and has been skating since she was a child. As one of the few members of the crew who has actually played our favorite sport, with ~5 years under her belt, it’s safe to say hockey is a huge part of her life. 

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Sammie is a St. Louis native currently working in the nerd heaven hell also known as a comic shop. In addition to the St Louis Blues, she follows a few other teams: the Flyers, Caps, Stars, Bruins, Leafs, Preds, Avs, and ‘Yotes all make her ‘short’ list. When actually in school, she studies Anthropology; the rest of time it’s the culture and traditions surrounding hockey.

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Serah is a Louisianan living outside of Dallas and trying to earn her degree in International Marketing, as well as our in-house artist. When not yelling over the Stars, she’s most likely screaming about the Texas Rangers. Though Dallas is home to her favorite NHL team, she’s also a huge fan of the Blues’ ad slogans at the Pittsburgh Penguins’ Kris Letang. You can follow her on social media, doodling her way through life.

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Shey is studying mass communication, journalism, and marketing. She is a diehard Panthers fan but can be found wandering the streets of Miami in an old Atlanta Thrashers jersey, screaming about the advantages of non-traditional hockey markets. She’s a queer Latina, a southerner, and English is not her first or second language (spoiler alert: it’s her third). 

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Taylor is studying Sports Management with concentrations in business and psychology. Originally from Detroit but now stuck in southern Texas, she was born a ride-or-die Red Wings fan. These days the Wings share that special place in her heart with the 2018 gold-medal winning women of Team USA, as well as a secret love for Nat Spooner, the greatest to ever wear #24. Her future plans include world domination taking Bettman’s job.

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