32. Snake-O Mode (feat. PuckerUp Sports)

32. Snake-O Mode (feat. PuckerUp Sports) – Nikki from PuckerUp comes in for an interview– The Ducks did a bunch of nothing– Paul Byron SUCKS– David Perron is good– so are the Flames– Hattys for everyone– Annie is a fake fan– AND MORE available on iTunes, SoundCloud, GooglePlay and Spotify follow us on twitter @ForPucksSakePod or […]

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A Hero in South Bend

Sean Kuraly never had the chance to play on the big stages growing up. Hailing from Dublin, Ohio, he never played in a true hockey market. Kuraly played at the highest level of hockey available in Ohio, a center for the Tier 1, Ohio AAA Blue Jackets, and his skills and talent got him noticed […]

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